Home & Garden Jamaica Plain MA

Learn more about DIY projects with these in-depth guides to getting the job done right, whether it may be remodeling projects, interior design, exterior care, or lawn and garden care.

Bird Care Jamaica Plain MA

Provide a healthy and varied diet for birds— not just seeds, but grains, beans, vegetables (cooked and raw) formulated pellets, and some fruit. (Harmful foods include chocolate, avocado, highly processed or overly salted foods, human junk food, and caffeine.)

Cancer Care for Pets Jamaica Plain MA

The most common form of cancer among pets is Lymphoma in Jamaica Plain, which occurs anywhere there is lymph tissue. Approximately 50% of all cancer cases received at VCG have been diagnosed as lymphoma.

Cat Health Jamaica Plain MA

If your cat is a repeat biter in Jamaica Plain, you’ll need to hire an animal behaviorist who can help you discover why your cat behaves the way he does and to help you fix the problem before anything really serious happens - like a guest losing an eye or ear lobe.

Child Safety with Pets Jamaica Plain MA

If properly taught by a parent in Jamaica Plain, a child as young as eight years old can establish a respect-based relationship with his dog. Still, because there is so much room for error when children are involved, a parent must always be present. At some point, every dog, regardless of breed or age, will try to challenge its owner. This is normal for dogs, and occurs during canine adolescence, between seven and fourteen months of age.

Drought-Tolerant Plants for the Garden Jamaica Plain MA

If you're already planning next season's garden in Jamaica Plain, relying on drought-tolerant selections makes wise water sense. Read on for more timely tips: drought-tolerant plants for the garden.

Emergency PETparedness Jamaica Plain MA

Every family should have an emergency preparedness plan in Jamaica Plain that includes their pets. As much as we love our beloved furry kids, they can often be overlooked when planning for emergencies. It’s important to have at least five days of food and water for your pet, including emergency supplies such as a pet first aid kit and a 30 day supply of any medication your pet is taking. It may not be too difficult for you to find food and water for your pet, but if you run out of necessary medication, they could be at risk for worsened illness if area animal hospitals are still closed or worse yet – burned to the ground.

Organic Gardening Jamaica Plain MA

POWER PLANT ™ in Jamaica Plain contains elementsthat are carefully combined in delicately balanced proportions to produce optimal plant growth. It’s as easy as mixing 1/2 to 1 oz. of POWER PLANT ™ with 1 gallon of water and watering your favorite indoor and outdoor plants to provide them with the essential nutrients they crave. Because the nutrients in POWER PLANT ™ are completely soluble and immediately assimilated, your plants will look healthy and beautiful in no time.

Pet Care FAQs Jamaica Plain MA

Make sure that you really have the time for a pet. This also a significant reason why animals are abandoned - people find they just don't have the time. Cats are more independent and easier to leave alone for long periods of time but still they need daily play time and affection. Puppies and re-homed dogs do not do well left alone for more than a couple ofhours.

Pet Products Jamaica Plain MA

The BioGS™ SPA-421A air purifier in Jamaica Plain offers a HEPA Filter made of the most advanced Bio-Engineer fiber material which not only traps but also destroys the allergens such as pet epithelia, dust mite and pollen which typically accumulate on the filters. This model also comes with a washable charcoal based activated carbon deodorization filter for the removal of odors, harmful gases, and chemicals.

Which Type of Water Heater is Best? Jamaica Plain MA

The newest "fad" (if we can call it that) is to install a tankless water heating system which provides on-demand hot water to either a whole house or a local tap or appliance. Analyzing the pros and cons of each technology will help you make the right decision.