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A warranty is a kind of insurance in case there are flaws in your home after it is sold. When it comes to buying homes, you get what you pay for.

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Home Warranty

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A warranty is a kind of insurance in case there are flaws in your home after it is sold. When it comes to buying homes, you get what you pay for.

Your real estate agent should be able to tell you about the types of warranties that are offered in your area, as well as what they protect and their cost. Home warranty companies are listed in phone books, the real estate section of the local newspaper and the Internet.

Normally, home warranties cover such items: plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems, repair costs of built-in appliances, roof leaks, and structural problems.

Sometimes sellers will add in a home warranty as part of the sale. If not, you should ask for it. Some buyers and sellers will split the cost, because it is easy for both sides. Make sure you know what a warranty protects and what it costs.
A number of warranties do not protect appliances.

Also, several warranties exclude swimming pools and spas, or else demand an extra payment to protect them.

This is how a warranty policy explains what is protected and what is not:

Kitchen Refrigerator/subzero unit-
Protected: Every part that involves the operation of the unit
Not Protected: Ice-makers and independent freezers (except where noted, subject to agreement limitations), crushers, dispensers and related equipment, internal shell, racks, shelves, spoiled food

Built-in Microwave Oven-
Protected: All components
Not Protected: Interior lining, door glass, shelves, rotisseries, meat probes, portable countertop units, lights

Garage door opener-
Protected: Motor, wiring, switches, receiver unit
Not Protected: Garage doors, remote transmitters, track drive, sensors

Electrical system-
Protected: Outlets, switches, junction boxes, breakers, main panel, sub panels
Not Protected: Power failure, DC components, low voltage and accessories. All intercoms, fixtures, poor wiring space, cable wiring, fiber optic

Whether the seller buys the warranty or you buy your own, be sure to read it thoroughly. If you find something substandard, select another policy or another company. Make sure the policy spells out:

1. The length of the warranty

2. The names of those protected by it

3. How the transfer from the seller to you will take effect (if at all)

4. Accurate details of how to file a claim

5. What is included and excluded and any limitations on personal property coverage. It should also say if there are any deductibles or other fees besides the cost of the policy itself

6. Who will maintain everything? Does the warranty company have its own workers? Does it have a designated service company? Will you be paid back the costs of maintenance?

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